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We are GO!

It embodies the idea of how technology based in Serra da Estrela, in remote-first, will be the driving force to ignite tech talent attraction, higher retention rates, reduced turnover, agility and quality of code delivery.

It embodies the idea of diversity and inclusion – we recruit from all over the world, whatever the culture, race, ethnicity, sex, orientation or gender – the new paradigm of talentship.

It embodies the idea of multiculturalism embebed in local traditions and experiences of the mountain people; the idea of new people contributing to reduce the desertification of the region and promoting equality of opportunities.

It embodies the idea of locating the company in a hinterland geography,uncrowded city to implement technology-based companies,with quality of life, emotional mental and material;an intangible journey for all: clients, partners and employees.

< We believe in a place where you can live and work with safety and quality of life />

At GO IT we are pioneers in delivering IT solutions to the whole world, from a small town in the interior of Portugal.

We came from an old dream: to create and develop a technology-based company in a small village. A dream that, added to the countless advantages of living in a small town, is capable of transforming people’s lives. 

A company in a village, that delivers solutions to the world and gives its employees the opportunity to change their lives and enjoy a peaceful and safe life for the whole family!

Seia – Portugal:
The Paradise at Serra da Estrela

< Located in the province of Beira Alta, at the sub-region of Serra da Estrela, the city of Seia brings together the best that Portuguese countryside has to offer. Here, you will be able to build a successful career and find your best Work Life Balance />

A Paradise to be

Live in perfect connection with nature and enjoy all the magical corners the mountains have to offer.


Seia is a simple and quiet city, yet full of life and with everything you need: commerce, healthcare, culture and education.

In Serra da

In the winter time, you’ll be able to go to the top of the mountain and enjoy a magnificent white blanket of snow, go skiing and so much more. A true paradise!

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go lover

< Become and be a part of the GO world!
We promise days of adventure, lots of experiences, fun and hard work! />

Our benefits are only a part of what GO is for you. We exist with a single purpose: to take care of our employees and for that, we appreciate all the inputs that make us grow and improve! 

Do you have any ideas?
Share with us, we want to hear it! 


Give-back is about realizing that we are all responsible for working for a better world.

It’s realizing that we cannot have plenty if there is still social imbalance and scarcity in terms of basic needs.
Everything is a part of the same cycle and we’re responsible for everything to work in harmony.

GO IT Concept comes from an old dream of back to simple things in life, begineers mind and the gratitute of giving back. So together with its stakeholders, we practice the policy of “Giving-Back, to the community”, contributing to a local fund to support the teaching of programming to disadvantaged children and adolescents in the region.

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